Sterling Silver Biker Skull Rings

For decades men and women of all ages have indulged in the sheer satisfaction of owning and showing off jewelry. Dating back centuries, wearing jewelry has been a great way for individuals to show off their fashionable side, while boosting their self esteem as well.

Silver Biker Red CZ Skull Ring

Many different people from various backgrounds and cultures choose to wear jewelry. For some, it is an expression of themselves, for others it is just an accessory to one’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, jewelry continues to be an increasingly popular thing amongst a variety of people.

Among the most popular forms of jewelry today are biker skull rings. Biker skull rings have been worn by bikers for decades and continues to be popular amongst those motorcycling individuals. Of course, bikers may wear various types of jewelry from chains to watches, but what biker in his or her right mind would be caught without a biker skull ring?

Sterling Silver Mens Skull Ring

Biker skull rings come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be made out of metal, silver, gold, and platinum. Many of them come incrusted with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and various types of stones to enhance the look of each ring.

A classic look for biker skull rings is the traditional silver skull ring. The traditional skull ring is simply a band with a skull in the center of it. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Some bikers like to sport small or petite skull rings. Where-as others prefer large skulls with intense features. This common biker ring is often worn by many bikers.

Another popular type of biker skull ring is the silver or platinum skull with ruby eyes that shimmer, enhancing its devilish appearance. Any biker would love to own such a ring that is sure to insinuate the “bad to the bone” look, which is often preferred by bikers. Just imagine two strong hands filled with skull rings on each hand as those hands thrust and pull full throttle on their Harley Davidson or Yamaha motorcycle. These classic rings are sure to complete the “biker look”.

Biker skull rings are available in an assortment of colors. One common and classy color selection for a skull ring is solid black. Solid black skull rings are a perfect accessory to any biker’s finger. They can also be made with different types of stones for the eyes of the skull. Diamonds and other precious stones are often used for this purpose. Such stones glimmer and shine in the sunlight, adding to the beauty of each ring.

Sterling Silver CZ Skull Ring

Some individuals prefer the basic skull ring. This ring is typically made of silver, metal, platinum, or gold and is simply the shape of a skull. However, others may prefer the dazzling appearance of biker skull rings incrusted completely with diamonds. Although such rings generally cost more, they are sure to provoke stares and jealousy by passing onlookers.

In conclusion, biker skull rings are a vital addition to every biker’s wardrobe. Whether you choose a basic silver skull ring or one that is covered with sparkling diamonds, you are sure to attract attention.