Sterling Silver Anklets

Sterling silver anklets are a dazzling way to draw attention to legs. An affordable addition to any jewelry collection, sterling silver anklets come in a variety of styles and at affordable prices. Many department stores, boutiques, and jewelry stores carry sterling silver jewelry, with sterling silver anklets as a part of their offerings. Some shopping malls contain kiosks selling sterling silver jewelry. Additionally, shopping for sterling silver jewelry on the internet provides a huge selection of retailers and styles to choose from, at very decent pricing.

Sterling Silver Anklets

Sterling silver anklets are a trend in modern jewelry. Originating over the last few decades, this trend in jewelry is rather affordable when compared to its gold-enamored counterparts. The selection of available styles in this type of jewelry, include everything from simple and conservative in style to elaborate, stone studded and attention getting.

Sterling Silver Sea Life Anklet

Some sterling silver anklets come featuring charms as a part of their design, or have elaborate precious or semi precious stones as a part of the design. Sterling silver is commonly used to encapsulate birthstones, so it is sometimes possible to find a sterling silver anklet in a particular birthstone. Charms may be made as a permanent fixture of the bracelet or removable and interchangeable with other jewelry.

As a gift, this can be a type of jewelry easy to find but hard to select. There is such a large selection and range of styles that it can be difficult to decide on just one anklet. Knowing a lot about the person the sterling silver anklet is being purchased for, can be helpful, especially when selecting an anklet containing one or more charms as a part of its design. Some people are also allergic to silver, so knowing if the wearer has a skin sensitivity helps. Finally, one anklet does not fit all—some are made for smaller ankles only, while others are large in size. Getting one too small or too large, will render the piece of jewelry useless to the wearer. If unsure about ankle size, it can be helpful to measure the ankle of the wearer prior to shopping. If that is not a possibility, consider purchasing an adjustable sterling silver anklet. If not too sure about charms, either avoid purchasing an anklet with charms already attached, or try to find one that comes with a variety of interchangeable charms.

Sterling Silver Peace Sign Anklet

As a fashionable piece of jewelry, most anklets should be draped semi loosely around the wearer’s ankle. An anklet that is too tight will cause the wearer discomfort, look out of place, and can even break itself upon the movement and motions of the wearer. Thinner styled anklets are easier to break than ones made of thicker materials. Sterling silver is an easily bent material, and will snap if too much pressure is applied to it. Therefore, it is a good idea to allow at least a finger or two of space between the wearer and the jewelry for maximum comfort. Wearing shoes that do not rub against the jewelry will also keep it from being snapped or bent.