Shy Siren Jewelry and Accessories

While most just advertise handmade jewelry, Shy Siren goes a step beyond. They have vintage style handmade jewelry but also a wide selection of accessories to choose from, including handbags, belts, key fobs and more in addition ot their selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Shy Siren Jewelry Set

Shy Siren originated from two architects who turned to their love of graphic design and wanted to try their hand at something new. The site describes how designers Anita Lin and Sara Schwittek think when they are making their pieces, which are often one of a kind pieces, and mentions that “great thought and deliberation of the materials, textures and colors, and the way light reflects or passes through each” of the pieces they make.

Sterling Silver Glass Necklace

They use a mixture of materials that might not always seem possible together, yet look perfect together, when creating their pieces. Sara’s twin sister Amy is the handbag designer and makes all original designs to sell on the site also.

Vintage Style Crystal Necklace by Shy Siren Jewelry

There is an astounding variety on this site, and for someone to close out the browser and not have found at least one thing interesting would be difficult to imagine. Shy Siren’s pieces are appealing to a wide audience base, to people of all ages, and are made in the broadest of terms—many colors, many shapes, many sizes, various materials. On top of the selection is affordability. Their prices are very reasonable!

Of the materials the designers use are glass, wood, china, Swarovski crystals, copper, silver, and other various metals. Each piece is a unique conglomerate of various materials married together to create a beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry that is destined to become a treasured heirloom.

Aqua Teardrop Necklace by Shy Siren

There are literally hundreds of pieces of jewelry available on the site for browsing, and if ones does not see something that they like, it is possible to inquire about custom made pieces and have something specially made. Shy Siren also does wholesale orders, gifts, and nationwide shipping within the United States.

Red Glass Pearl Silver Earrings

In addition to the extensive jewelry collection, there are a wide variety of handbags to choose from. This is unusual, as most jewelry sites do not always sell accessories. There are belts and other accessories in addition to handbags. At any given time, there is typically a selection of about seventy handbags to choose from. Bright colors and unusual designs are paired together to create a custom bag with appeal that may not be found elsewhere.

These bags are a bargain; a custom made handbag priced well under a hundred dollars, with most of the designs being at fifty dollars or less! What a deal. On top of that, Shy Siren also offers free shipping on orders over a hundred dollars, so a new piece of jewelry and a bag might cost less than a hundred dollars. Ordering from Shy Siren guarantees you a custom design that you are not going to see lots of other people sporting and will leave you smiling with plenty of money left over! The unusual designs have appeal for any wardrobe and any age.

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