Inexpensive Patron Saint Medals – A Godparent’s Gift to a Godchild

In history, the godparent was responsible for assisting in the religious upbringing of a child. In traditional Christianity, the godparent was tasked with sponsoring the child’s religious education. As the years went by the meaning has expanded, contracted, and changed until it lost its religious connotations and has now come to describe a person who takes an interest in the general personal development of the child. In Catholicism, however, being a godparent is still a major responsibility and one that needs to be attended to with the same faith and devotion shown in your other spiritual duties. You can start by buying your godchild inexpensive patron saint medals.

Inexpensive Patron Saint Medals

As you well know, patron saints are advocates and intercessors that intervene before God on behalf of the believer. Your godchild will be facing many challenges as they navigate through life and could probably use as much help as they can get trying to handle it all. There are a number of inexpensive patron saint medals that you could buy your godchild that will bring them comfort when they really need. Some recommendations include the patron saints of children Saint Nicholas of Myra, Saint Raymond Nonnatus, or Saint Nicholas of Telentino.

Besides buying inexpensive patron saints medals, there are many other things you can do to help your godchild grow up and achieve their highest potential. You can sit and study the bible with them. Praying for them is always good and praying with them is even better. Attend mass on their behalf on their birthday. Send them religious gifts. If you live far away, then calling or writing uplifting letters will make their day. Take an interest in their other activities outside of the church. You want them to grow up into a well rounded person. Finally, set a good example. Children imitate behaviors. They don’t always listen to words especially if they contradict behavior.

Silver Saint Jude Medal

Being a godparent is a big responsibility and shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. However, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do everything perfectly. Children are exceedingly forgiving. As long as they know that you love them, then no harm is done. Inexpensive patron saint medals are a good way to affirm your faith in God and strengthen your relationship with each other. To find a few to give to your godchild, visit your nearest religious store or shop online at specialty internet retailers.